About Us

Fino Finance Private Limited (Formerly Intrepid Finance and Leasing Private Limited) is a non-deposit taking NBFC-MFI registered with the RBI. We provide customer-centric financial services, mainly in the form of micro-credit, to the under-served and un-served women population and MSMEs of the country. The credit extended is utilized majorly in agriculture and allied activities as well as in small businesses. Through our products and services, we aim at empowering the economically active poor households and MSMEs to grow their businesses and thus improve their overall quality of lives.

About the Group

FINO PayTech Limited (FINO PayTech) is the holding company of Fino Finance Pvt. Ltd. FINO PayTech was incorporated in 2006 to develop banking technology solutions that enable financial institutions to cater to the unbanked and economically marginalized. The ownership of the Company is largely held among institutions including Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), ICICI Bank, International Finance Corporation, Life Insurance Corporation of India, ICICI Lombard, and ICICI Prudential, the Black Stone Group, Intel Capital. The FINO Group started its Payment Bank (FINO Payments Bank) operations in June 2017.

Vision, Mission and Values



To become the most preferred financial services provider to 1 million households and business units of India by 2023.



To provide suitable financial services to financially under-served and low-income segments of customers to increase their income generating capabilities and to improve their quality of lives.



  • Courage - We believe, we challenge, and we act.
  • Frugality - We do more with less.
  • Empathy - We understand and care about people’s needs.
  • Reliability - We keep the promises we make, and we are here to stay.

Areas of Operation

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Code of Conduct & Fair Practices

FFPL's systems, products, processes and employee orientation programmes are aligned to Fair Practice Codes defined by the regulator, and with best practices in the industry

Principles of Customer Protection

The Customer Protection Principles are part of the microfinance-industry initiative to ensure that providers take steps to protect low-income customers from potentially financial products that are not suitable for customers and ensure that they are treated fairly.

We at Fino Finance Pvt. Ltd. have endorsed these principles and are committed to translate them into appropriate standards, policies and practices and train our staff in the same. Fino Finance Pvt. Ltd. (FFPL) is committed to adhere to the following six core principles:

Avoidance of Over-Indebtedness: FFPL will take reasonable steps to ensure that credit will be extended only if borrowers have demonstrated an adequate ability to repay and loans will not put the borrowers at significant risk of over-indebtedness. FFPL will conduct credit checks from CIBs on individual loan applicants to ensure that only such applicants who fulfil the limits specified in credit policy (in terms of number of active borrowers, existing indebtedness, loans in overdues) are sanctioned loans. The credit policy will comply with the regulatory guidelines laid down by the RBI. FFPL will also take adequate care that non-credit financial products that are extended to customers are appropriate to their needs.

Transparent Pricing: The pricing, terms and conditions of the loans (including interest charges, insurance premiums, all fees, etc.) will be transparent and will be adequately disclosed in a form understandable to customers. FFPL will conduct trainings for its staff to adequately enable them to convey the necessary information to the customers.

Appropriate Collections Practices:
Debt collection practices will not be coercive and FFPL will put in place monitoring systems and policies to ensure that staff members abide by the laid down processes. All staff members will be adequately trained to understand and comply with the ‘Do’s and ‘Dont’s of collection practices. A staff Code of Conduct will be communicated to all employees of FFPL.

Ethical Employee Behaviour: Employees of FFPL will comply with high ethical standards in their interaction with customers and will ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to detect and correct corruption or mistreatment of customers. A staff Code of Conduct will be communicated to all employees of FFPL.

Mechanisms for Redressal of Grievances: FFPL will have in place timely and responsive mechanisms for complaints and problem resolution for their customers. A central helpline phone number will be provided to all the customers to enable them to register complaints/ grievances directly to the FFPL central team. The helpline number will be communicated to all customers.

Privacy of Customer Data:
FFPL will respect the privacy of individual customer data, and such data will not be used for other purposes (except for where it is required by regulation to do so) without the express permission of the customer. FFPL will put in place adequate checks in its systems and HR policies that will restrict the sharing of customer data with any outside agency/ individual.